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An Unofficial History of Coal Mining in the Illawarra

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he NSW Department of Mineral Resources have kindly opened up their extensive collection of historic coal mining photographs for inclusion in this site. The collection includes photographs that have never been published.

We are extremely grateful to the Department for their generous contribution, which allows us to provide some rare and interesting photographs for the local and world-wide coal mining communities.

Other individuals have also donated their interesting historical photographs from private collections for inclusion in the gallery and these people are also acknowledged below each full size photograph. If you have some photographs you would like to submit, please read the Contribute page for details

The gallery will expand and develop over time - new photos will be added, popular photos kept and other photos removed in an attempt to build a quality on-line collection.

A small selection of interesting samples or new additions will always be published on this page, so come back and visit again!


Some samples from the Gallery
click on a photo to see full size)


Cordeaux Colliery
Accessing No.3 Seam

Cordeaux Colliery
Accessing No.3 Seam

Cordeaux Colliery
Accessing No.3 Seam

woll2426.jpg (112476 bytes)
Metropolitan Colliery
Upcast Shaft Headframe

woll0559.jpg (60697 bytes)
Mt. Kembla Colliery

woll1094.jpg (46279 bytes)
Mt. Pleasant Colliery

woll0205.jpg (121453 bytes)
Nebo Colliery

woll1084.jpg (67638 bytes)
South Clifton Colliery 1906  

woll0320.jpg (76456 bytes)
Tower Colliery


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