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An Unofficial History of Coal Mining in the Illawarra

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There are many sources of information used to compile this site, including printed publications, brochures, informal documents, photographs, newspaper articles, other web sites etc. and we have attempted to list all published documents below, regardless of the extent of information sourced.

Many graphics on this site are original, and most photographs have been used with permission. Others have been edited or modified in some way, but may have been "loaned" from other web sites and printed publications. 

Our policy is to credit all sources that have helped in any way in the production of this community project. We are not copyright lawyers so if you believe a credit is missing, or that a copyright has been violated, please contact the site administrator who will either add the credit to this list, or if requested, delete the offending item immediately.


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  • Graphics & Photographs from the World Wide Web

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Web Site Address (URL)
or Publisher

Black Diamond-Net Home Page


University of Wollongong Library


A German Coal Mining Site (In German)


  • Graphics & Photographs from Printed Publications





Wollongong - Spirit of Achievement


Positive Vision Communications

Barry Smith

At the Coalface


CFMEU (Mining & Energy Division)

Fred Moore, Paddy Gorman, Ray Harrison

The Mt. Kembla Disaster


Sydney University Press

Stuart Piggin & Henry Lee

The Collieries Handbook


BHP Steel Collieries Division

Compiled by R.Arnold, P. Gosling, L.Griffiths, R.Moore & R. Spence

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State Mine Heritage Park Lithgow

The State Mine heritage park and railway - a coal mining museum  in Lithgow



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